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Why Choose FiveStar Payroll Pro ?


Your Data on Your Computer! Payroll Pro is installed on your computer - feel safe with the knowledge your data is kept on your own computer, and is not "out there" on the internet. Of course Payroll Pro has an easy data backup function so you can backup to a flash drive or other external backup.


No Extra Cost for Updates! You do not have to purchase new software each time tax changes or other program updates are available - it is so easy to update Payroll Pro with a click of the mouse from a link provided right on the main menu of Payroll Pro! This will easily retrieve the latest update directly from our website. You dont pay extra for updates as these are included in your annual licence fee (some payroll companies charge extra for this).


An Established Payroll Program! FiveStar Payroll Pro was first released in 1999, and clients who started using it in 1999 are still enjoying it's benefits. And we have been around much longer than that, with our first Payroll programs released in the 1980s - thats over 30 years of payroll software experience! (we were then called TCS Software)


Questions Answered! Because Payroll Pro has been in use for so long, virtually all questions have been addressed, and Payroll Pro has evolved to become extremely easy to use. Just about any question you might have is answered on our website, and to make things even easier for you we have a number of tutorial videos available (only a few minutes each) which explain setting up, processing a pay run and more. You can view the help pages and videos on our website any time - no passwords etc are required for this. You are of course very welcome to phone us on 0800-996-998 if you cannot find the answer you need.


Great Value! Some payroll providers charge a "per employee, per pay run" fee, which sometimes sounds cheap, but can actually end up being quite expensive. Payroll Pro starts with a very affordable annual licence fee covering up to 30 employees.


Written specifically for New Zealand businesses! Payroll Pro does not try to cover the requirements of overseas payrolls - we concentrate on New Zealand only, in particular catering for small to medium sized businesses. FiveStar Software Ltd is a New Zealand business located in New Zealand.


Quick and Easy! Payroll Pro allows you to process your pays quickly and easily!



Payroll Pro also takes care of Holiday Pay, Sick Leave and other leave rates. You will never need to worry about calculating holiday pay again! Payroll Pro automatically calculates all the rates required and highlights the most applicable rate for your employee.


Final Pays are calculated by just ticking a box! When entering current pay, just tick the 'Final Pay' box and Payroll Pro will calculate all the annual leave due to that date.


Payroll Pro simplifies all aspects of your payroll from recording all leave, to uploading your IRD returns and electronic banking.



Click here to go to our home page, where you will find an option to download a full trial of Payroll Pro,

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