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Windows appears to be blocking Payroll Pro

For example you cannot update to the latest version, a feature no longer works, on so on.


If Payroll Pro is installed in the "Program Files" folder, then you may need to run Payroll Pro as an "Administrator". You may find this to be a solution even if Payroll Pro is installed in a folder other than "Program Files".

We have also found that if Payroll Pro was running with no problems previously, and then someone makes a change to the computer - deleting files, changing the security settings, or even installing some other software - and suddenly you cannot use Payroll Pro - the solution below sometimes solves this problem.

To run Payroll Pro as an "Administrator":

> Exit all programs including Payroll Pro.
> Right click on the shortcut icon on your desktop, and choose "Properties".
> Next, find the "Compatibility" tab and select this.
> Locate "Run as Administrator" and tick this.
> You will find that each time you run Payroll Pro, Windows will ask you if you are sure you want to run this program -
just answer Yes (or OK).

If this does not solve the problem, or the setting cannot be changed, it is possible that some other security setting, or administration setting or rights have been changed on your computer. We suggest you have your IT person look into this for you.


If this does not solve the problem, please have a look at:

Solution for "Move Payroll Pro out of Program Files"

Solution for "Network Initialisation Failed - Permission Denied"

Solution for "Error Initialising Borland Database Engine (or BDE)"


If someone has made some change to your computer and none of the above are of help, then you will need to speak to the person who made the changes, since as you will understand it is usually quite difficult for us to determine what has been changed.