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Clicking Reports nothing happens


There are two main reasons that this could happen:

1 - the reports module is missing for some reason

2 - security settings on your computer are blocking the payroll from running the reports module.

The first thing you should try is to exit all programs, restart your computer, and then try the reports again.

If the problem still occurs, try updating Payroll Pro again to replace the program files. This will solve the problem if it is due to a missing or corrupted program file. You can update by clicking "Check for Updates Online". For more information about how to update Payroll Pro please click here.

If after trying the above the problem still occurs, it is possible that a security setting on your computer is the cause of the problem. This has been the reason for similar problems once or twice in the past especially if using Windows 7 or Windows Vista with Payroll Pro installed in the Program Files folder. For more information about this please click here.