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Payroll Pro - Downloads

The following items can be downloaded by right clicking with your mouse, and then choosing the location in which you would like to save.

For any files which need to be saved in the Payroll Pro folder, this is usually C:\PayPro, but can be a different location if you have changed it manually.



You will probably only download files from this page if advised to by FiveStar Software support.


File # 1: fsspp.exe (The full installation file for Payroll Pro. You can run this without saving it, or save it first then run it)


File # 2: ppver2up.exe (The update file for Payroll Pro, usually saved in the main Payroll Pro folder, but will run from other locations)


File # 3: fsspp2.zip (The full installation file for Payroll Pro, in zip format)


File # 4: ppextras.fss (A special file for checking for updates online, to be saved in the main Payroll Pro folder)


File # 5: ppex2.exe (various utilities for Payroll Pro, to be saved in the main Payroll Pro folder).


File # 6: setupbd.exe (This file re-installs the database engine required by payroll. It is usually downloaded using "Troubleshooting" from Payroll Pro)




Here is a copy of the end user licence agreement (EULA) - click here to view the EULA

If you need to remove Payroll Pro for any reason - click here for removal instructions