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Payroll Pro Version 2

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Windows 10


Email Payslips with XTRA


SLCIR rate of 41.67%


Moving Payroll Pro...


Installation Tech. Details


Need a new licence key


Payroll Pro was running fine - but now wont run...


Windows appears to be blocking Payroll Pro

Please note Payroll Pro has been designed for New Zealand businesses only.



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What is the latest version of Payroll Pro?


The latest version of Payroll Pro version 2 is Version 2.54.
Note that any version V2.54 and higher will contain the latest changes for 1 Apr 2021, as well as tax rates for previous years.

(for information about changes in v2.54 click here)








How do I know what version of Payroll Pro I have?


The version number for your payroll can be found on the main menu of Payroll Pro.


You can also find the version number by selecting "HELP" from the top menu and selecting "ABOUT" from the drop down menu which appears.


Sometimes the version number showing in your Payroll Pro may show a letter afterwards - eg 9.99b - this is ok and is only for minor changes unrelated to legislation, so is not quoted in the version numbers above.





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