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Screen shots - Payday Filing

The following pages demonstrate how to create the file required by IRD for payday filing.


If you need a tutorial about the new/departing employees upload file, click here.

If you need information about the IR345 and how much to pay IRD, click here.


Payday filing really just involves clicking a few buttons - there's nothing complicated you need to do.
Once you have done it once or twice it will become even easier.
Please have a look at this page at IRD: Filing employment information (payday filing)




From Payroll Pro:

  1. Normal Pay Procedure: Process your pay as usual - enter pays, complete payslips and update totals.
  2. Click a button: You will go to the reports, and just click on the "payday filing" button.
  3. The date generally won't need to be changed: The date will default to the current payment date, so you wont usually have to change that.
  4. Click a button: You will just click a button that says "Click here to Create your payday File...".
  5. Click a button: Choose if you want to print a report - click Screen or Printer or No Report.
  6. Wait a second: Payroll Pro will take you straight to the IRD website.


At myIR (the IRD website):

  1. Login to your IRD account.
  2. Click two buttons/links: Payroll > then Express file transfer.
  3. Click another button: Choose File
  4. Press CTRL+V: This is just a Windows shortcut for "Paste", and will insert the file name into the box without you having to locate the file.
  5. Click a button: You will now click Open
  6. Click a button: You will now click Next

That's it! See below for more information.


Instructions with screen shots:

The first few pages explain how to create the file in Payroll Pro - which is very easy!


Click one of the "Next Page" buttons to get started!

Every step is clearly explained.


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