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Forgot to include leave in a previous pay


Options for this include:

Undo the last payrun if the leave was missed from the very last payrun - Click here for details on how to undo the last payrun.


Pay the leave in the next pay - This is probably the easiest method. If there is a lot of leave then you may have to override the PAYE to ensure the employee does not underpay their PAYE for the year and get a tax bill at the end of the year.

If the employee works such irregular hours that a normal day for sick leave cannot be determined, then they will probably be paid sick leave at the rate determined by their average daily pay over the past 52 weeks. In this case, you might need to override the "Days for Gross" figure so that Payroll Pro has the required information for future payments. If you are showing all the days on the Time Sheet, then Payroll Pro will probably have the days calculated automatically for you - so check this.
For example, you are paying 5 days ordinary time, and 4 days leave which was missed from a previous pay. Even though the period is one week, you would override the "Days for Gross" to 9, so that in future Payroll Pro can divide the gross for the pay by 9 days to get the daily average. Dont worry if you have forgotten to do this - you can easily adjust the pay history at a later time.

Information about "Days For Gross" can be found here.


Manually Alter the Pay History and Leave Balances - This is probably the most complicated method and would involve you manually calculating the PAYE and other IRD deductions as well as the change in net pay. You would then need to pay the employee the different in net pay outside the payroll. If you do decide to do this ensure you make a backup of your data first and make the changes very carefully. Instructions about changing the pay history can be found here. Instructions about altering leave balances can be found here.